ECG Plotter

Enter a list of SNPs (rs572474770, rs776293589, 2:179698596), a region (2:179381323-179405807) or a Gene (e.g. SCN5A) and click the Go button to extract variants.

under development, 2019

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Colors indicate LD (r2); filled circles indicate the significance of the lead ECG trait; hollow circles indicate the minimum value across ECG all traits.


Please limit to <150 for now, else it will probably fail to plot due to memory issues.

Interactive t-SNE plot (manuscript)

ECG-wide Mendelian randomization

Provide a summary statistics file with up to 1000 variants. Include the following columns with headers: CHR, BP, EFAL, NEFAL, EAF, BETA, SE. Ensure positions are on Build 37. This is a try-out. It may be very slow since it needs to query the full 75 GB gz-compressed data and the VPS has no superpowers. Download an example (QT interval) here.

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Citation in publications

We request that any use of data obtained from the ECGenetics browser cite the ECG Morphology Paper in Cell Systems 2020: An older version of the manuscript is available on Biorxiv (

Terms of use

All data here are released openly and publicly for the benefit of the wider research community. You can freely download and search the data, and we encourage the use and publication of results generated from these data.

Full summary statistics can be downloaded here:


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